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  1. torrent download is now available in our download section here on our forum.. i've also attached it here ImperialRO.rar.torrent
  2. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    This is the torrent for the full client
  3. we will look into this. we'll see if this is possible
  4. Yeah, we've already looked into this. The issue with being able to summon alot of mvp's in just one map can cause a mapserver crash so we would rather have the current setup
  5. Current Official WOE Schedule: Monday: 8:00 PM - Swanhild Tuesday: 8:00 PM- Hohen & Bright Arbor Wednesday: 8:00 PM - Eeyo & Repherion Friday: 10:00 PM- Hijod & Bandis Saturday: 10:00 AM - Hohen & Bright Arbor Saturday: 3:00 PM Cyr *Non-Donation WOE* Saturday: 10:00 PM - Horn Sunday: 10:00 AM - Eeyo & Repherion Sunday: 9:00 PM - Hijod & Bandis ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Current Official GVG Schedule: Thursday: 8:00 PM ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *all GMT + 8. you can use @time in game to check the time
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