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  1. "Dead men tell no tales." IGN : Aishe
  2. Beginner's Guide Server Informations: http://imperial-ro.com/2017/02/12/it-is-cool-responsive/ Basic Informations: Broadcaster : @warp rivendel 182 220 / @warp rivendel 208 248 Vote Shop, Activity Shop : @warp mall01 96 88 Costume Gem Shop, Gear Gem Shop : @warp mall01 103 88 / @warp rivendel 188 208 Imperial Event Shop, GVG Shop, Emp Wars Shop, Rivendel Token Shop : @warp mall01 110 98 Stylist, Gender Bender , Light Reincarnate : @warp mall01 100 131 MVP Room : @warp lun01 187 59 Freebies : To get your freebies, talk to GM Mintz to claim it. One account, and person per freebies. If GM Mintz is not online, ask other GMs that is online. Q : What are the basic items you should farm? A : Here's some list of basic items you should farm. Treasure Box (ID# 7444) *For farming zeny Cursed Water (ID# 12020) Poison Bottle (ID# 678) Box of Storm (ID# 12032) *Stem Worm Card Box of Resentment (ID# 12030) *Raydric Archer Card Yggdrasil Seed (ID# 608) & Yggdrasil Berry (ID# 607) *Location: rivendel 171 250 Aloevera (ID# 606) Q : Where to look for quest? A : Go to Rivendel(@go 0). Go north and talk to Imperial Transporter then choose Imperial Quest Room. Or walk up the stairs. Or just use warp. Use @warp lun_in01 55 63 for gear quests. Use @warp lun_in01 83 56 for headgear quests. Use @warp lun_in01 138 62 for costume quests. Q : Where to go to level up faster? A : Use Battle Manual X10 that you get from Novice Giftgiver to increase exp gain. 1st Job: Go to pay_dun00, level up until you reach Job Lvl. 50. 2nd Job: Go to pay_dun01, level up until you reach Base Lvl. 99 Transcendent Novice (High Novice): Go to prt_fild00 and kill any to reach Job Lvl. 10. Transcendent 1st Job (High *1st Job*): Same as 1st Job, go to pay_dun00. Transcendent 2nd Job: Same as 2nd job. When you reach Base Lvl. 99, go to either ice_dun04 or thor_v03. Level up until you reach max Base and Job Lvl. (255/255) Q : Where to farm zeny? A : You can farm zeny fast at abyss_03. Acidus drop Treasure Box (ID# 7444) that is worth 150,000 zeny each(186,000 zeny when you use a merchant class to sell it). Use High Wizard for farming. You can use this guide when farming. High Wizard: Farming Guide http://forums.imperial-ro.com/index.php?/topic/24-high-wizard-farming-guide/ Q : How to play the game? A : Same as any Ragnarok servers. Enjoy the game, make friends and have fun with them. Join events(GM and automated), Battleground, PVP, and WoE. This is my first time making a guide. Hope it helps you. IGN: Shao Jun / iGotUFam / SephXX
  3. I checked the card. It doesn't have Spell Breaker but Hydrolancer have.