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  1. Hi, I wanted to suggest a quest that will promote player vs monster in which I think will help the server in a lot of ways. 1. a NPC will ask you for quest requirements (different items from different mobs) in which will be the first phase of the quest. > It'd be better that a part of those requirements are: fragments from thana minions, 100 player skulls, and an item loot from a custom boss. > The custom boss should have an overpowered stats that cannot be soloed by any jobs, perhaps it'd be good if it's a raid boss. 2. Upon completion your character will be classified as rank D and will be rebirthed (in which base level and job level is 1) and gain perhaps +20 allstats? or +50 allstats as reward or the max level should be adjusted to 300. >Upon rebirth the player should be able to use the instant job level feature of imperial kafra but instead will be force to grind level. 2. Once the player achieved the max level he can either do: a. ??? Weapon quest > A NPC will ask you for items to upgrade your weapon and give it additional stats for example +20 str for lk weapon, +20 dex sniper bow etc etc. > the quest should be character exclusive and gives a limit of 2 access. b. Rank arena > perhaps an instance full of monsters that gives rank experience around 500-2000 exp per kill > Class D to Class C= 6,000,000 exp > Class C to Class B= 20,000,000 exp > Class B to Class A= 50,000,000 exp > Class A to Class S= 80,000,000 exp > or you can also gain experience from PVP rooms 3. Rewards for Higher Rank > Class C= +30 all stats > Class B= +50 all stats > Class A= +70 all stats > Class S= +100 all stats > When a player advanced onto a higher rank, he will be given to further enhance his equipments in which Class C= weapon & armor & (upper) headgear, Class B= weapon& shoes & cloak, Class A= weapon& 2 accessories, Class S= some very rewarding equipment upgrade or exclusive item? That's all, thank you for the time reading my post. Feel free to give any feedbacks, insights, opinions, or additional suggestions. Hope this idea will be considered and implemented as it will help eliminate the boringness, dead hours of the server.