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  1. Hello and Welcome It’s a newly updated site; most of the guides are on the old forum and haven’t transferred here yet. Hope in no time some members will update, post and repost their guides here. As for now please ask some advice from your guild mates. Thanks Have Fun
  2. Rivendel’s Valor Quest (Rivendel Shield) @warp lun_in01 67 65 Talk to Valor Quest NPC Quest Requirements Part 1 500,OOO zeny Ancient Lips (1054) 100x Ancient Tooth (1053) 100x Blue Hair (1034) 100x Aquamarine (720) 250x Part 2 1,000,000 zeny Steel (999) 200x Evil Horn (923) 200x Mystic Frozen (995) 200x Sharp Scale (963) 250x Dawn Essence (reward from Part1) Part 3 10,000,000 zeny Crest Piece (7356) 300x Crest Piece (7357) 300x Crest Piece (7358) 300x Crest Piece (7359) 300x Metal Fragment (7095) 500x Essence of Dragon (reward from Part2) Part 4 100,000,000 zeny Metalling Card (4341) 800x Iron (998) 800x Bloody Rune (7563) 800x Fragment (7094) 800x Dragon Canine (1035) 800x Burning Heart (7097) 750x Essence of Fire (reward from Part3) Part 5 1,900,000,000 zeny Imperial Regal Shield 1x (NPC & Quest) Crystalized Darkness 5x (Quest) Chivalry Emblem (1004) 1000x Star Dust (1001) 1000x Strong Branch (7203) 1000x Feather of Birds (916) 1000x Rune of Darkness (7511) 1000x Burning Hair (7122) 800x Solid Trunk (1067) 800x Citrin (7295) 50x Ring of Flame Lord (2678) 25x Ring of Resonance (2679) 25x Ulles Cap (5123) 5x Bison Horn (2702) 5x A Master Blush (reward from Part4) Please correct me if I got something wrong Thanks and Happy Hunting Everyone