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  1. Beginner's Guide should compose of the following: Q: What are the basic items should i farm. A: First of all , you will get freebies from GM , the GM will give you whole set and card to start with , but you still NEED golden thief bug card (GTB) and high wizard card(HWC) to farming , GTB will protect you from other wizard's magic and HWC will make the monster magic reduction became zero , so you will always have full damage. The easiest way to get HWC is by summoning them at MVP room (located at lun_in01 189 59) and the MVP room will cost you 100million zeny/hour and 60million/summon , but don't worry , i'll teach how to farm zeny in next categories and DONT choose wizard set if you only plan to build wiz for farming , because theres a lot of staff that more useful like la'cryma staff dropped by wizard at lhz_dun03 , all item that matter is HWC , not the staff. Q: What map should i go to see the quests. A: For imperial armor set and ancient weapon(weaker version of imperial weapon) valor shield (strongest shield in this game) you can type @warp lun_in01 56 64 or just go north from main city (@go 0 or @go rivendel) or @go 1 to go to konoha , our customized city , theres a npc like naruto and hinata that give the strongest weapon in this gem , the weapon is purchaseable by using gem or you can get it via quest Q: What map should i go to level up faster. A: Talk to imperial warper and go to anthell01 , theres a lot of ant egg there , you can farm your level there and then go to abyss_03 from imperial warper too , dont use @warp command because you will warped random place at the map , the abyss entrance is pretty safe because not a lot of mob near entrance , you can level up until you can handle the mob and go mid of the map and reach 255 Q: Where to farm zeny. A: The fastest way is by using wizard and farm it at abyss_03 , but before that , you will need HWC , to get HWC you can get it from mvp room , but how? you need zeny to rent the mvp room right? thats why you need to farm Stone of Sage ,you can use command @whodrops stone of sage , the stone weight 5 and worth 50k each , with merchant can worth 67k , but if you want to farm + earn gem , you can farm at mjolnir_03 , collect khukri and aloevera , you can sell aloevera for gem and khukhri for zeny , each khukri worth 120k and around 140k if selled with merchant. after you got around 420m , go to mvp room (if weekend 240m is enough,unless youre in bad luck hahahaa) Q: What items should i farm. A: You need to farm treasure box to get zeny , you need 1b zeny to go to seed room or berry room , aloevera for damage increase , elemental converter , holy water , glistening coat , cobweb to get gem Q: How to play the game. A: First of all , you need to understand the mechanic about what job suit you , does hitter type like sniper or assassin cross suit you? or maybe caster like professor and wizard will suit you , or maybe you're support type like paladin or priest type After understanding what you want to play , you can start building it up , the damage or tanky build , you need to do alot of research or just by asking guildmates(you should really join guild because guildmates help each other out) Q: Should i join existing guild or create a new guild? A: You should join existing guild because they will guide you how to play this game , helping you to take out mvp or even doing raid , guild is essential , you can't survive this game alone. But if you can get your real friend to come , you guys should create a new guild and compete to the top , there's nothing more fun than playing together with friends Q: How to get gem? A: Easiest way? by donating @ imperial-ro.com , if you're not into donating or having problem by donating you can get it by joining event @ forum.imperial-ro.com or by farming item and sell it to other player , item like seed , cursed water , thanatos card , skoll card , kades card , rivendel card , cobweb , glistening coat , cobweb , aloevera are worth enough , people will buy it for gem , or just JOIN A GUILD because some guild will give GEM as salary Q: How to get rivendel , kades , or skoll card? A: Rivendel and kades are obtained via voting , you can vote @ panel.imperial-ro.com and after you got enough vote point , you can trade it at rivendel supermall ( @warp mall01 ) , skoll card is only obtainable from castle , thats why , YOU NEED TO JOIN A GUILD Q: Should i pay 10 gem to became 3rd job? A: The 3rd job isnt available in this game , the 3rd job is ONLY APPEARANCE , so , if you need to look cool , go for it BUT it won't give you ANY DIFFERENCE. Q: I still got a lot of question , but i don't know who to ask A: you can use @request command to ask GM about anything or asking online people , the Imperial RO community is very friendly, so don't worry about it and they can answer almost anything about the game mechanic or you can ask by visiting the forum @ forum.imperial-ro.com and type the question in the chat box or create a topic inside there Q: How to earn zeny very fast ? A: By using wizard and you can use any weapon , all that matter is: -LEVEL 10 METEOR STORM -HWC CARD - GTB ON SHIELD -2 AGAV ON ARMOR -2 SALAMANDER CARD ON GARMENT -4 KASA CARD ON WEAPON -2 FALLEN BISHOP HIBRAM CARD ON SHOE -2 KIEL ON HEADGEAR -INT POINT 300 now if you got this build , your first meteor will 1 hit acidus in abyss_03 , the salamander will increase the meteor storm damage by 40% , the red ferus will increase 5% each card , so with this build your meteor will deal 300% meteor storm damage and in 1 cast you will get 5-7 meteor storm ,the HWC will remove normal mobs magic resistance , so your magic WILL ALWAYS do full damage to them, you can get 2billion in 1 hour with this build Q: What is the max aspd? A: 196 or 100 agi is the max aspd , but for woe , you need atleast 112 agi because they can use decrease agi Q: How to reach instant cast? A: 150 dex is needed to reach instant cast Q: How to reach no after delay cast? A: 2 kiel card is needed to reach that Q: I'm not strong enough to join woe, what should i do? A: That's why you need to join existing guild first , let them guide you , after you strong enough, you can decide between staying or create a new guild to contest the existing guild Q: How to add stats faster? A: You can use command like /str+ 150 to increase 150 point in str , it works with other stats too Q: How to identify item? A: By talking to kafra , your item will instantly indentified or by using @identifyall commands IGN: MIKA / MIKAA / MIKAPOE / MIKAPU / MIKAPOOR.
  2. if theres no guide , try make one i dont know guide about sin x hahahah
  3. if you have anything to ask , can post it via forum
  4. if not , the event will always come out for 5 min every 6 hours if the only way to play this machine is by using imperial coin (trade with npc , 10event coin = 1imperial coin) , more people will join the event that GM organized and via voting can get this imperial coin too , like 10 vote = 1 imperial coin ,so people will vote too , imperial coin via vote cant be traded , so people that have 10-20 ids alt to vote , goodluck in playing within 5min with your 20 alts if the prize is gem, its too big i think , maybe the prize is mini imperial gem (can be traded to npc , 10 mini imperial gem = 1 gem) so the prize is in event-coin / item / imperial coin
  5. i was thinking maybe a event , an automated one that works like casino the difference is casino using letter and its hard to win this event only stay for 5 min every day after that it got disapper (random time around 7am - 11pm) maybe the system is like when we catching pet , 4 machine succed = win use 5 ecoin to spin? the prize maybe 2ecoin (its a lose) , 10ecoin , 20ecoin , 40ecoin , 80 ecoin , bloody branch , gym pass and the jackpot maybe 3 bubble gum , 3 thana scroll , imperial gem or maybe a gear ,but the chance to get jackpot is 1% the purpose of this event so player not just afk in town , but playing while waiting for the event
  6. trading ecoin with seed tix need a lot rate is 1 ecoin = 1.5 seedtix can reply here or chat me in game IGN: MIKAPOE / MIKAPU