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  1. Welcome to Beginner's Guide: Below are the FAQ's, i hope this would help!. Q. What are the basic items i should farm? A. There are tons of items to farm,but for me to be honest i'll go for Weapon quest here in Server it is called Genin Weapon. Q. What map should i go to see the quests? A. You can Check our Genin NPC by using @go 1 command, the NPC is placed at (konoha3 195 234) "@warp lun_in01" for more Quest.. Q. What map should i go to level up faster? A. In terms of leveling i suggest you start by Using Battle ManualX10(free) it increase your Expirience Rate to 1000% for 24Hours that would be enough in my opinion go to @warp pay_dun00-03 for your first to Second Job,when you reach 3rd Job you are more ready to face stronger monster. it is better to hunt expirience at abyss_03 but be carefull there are hundreds of aggressive monsters Q. Why abyss_03? A. I suggest abyss_03 because of 1 reason "ZENY" you can Loot Treasure Box while reaching for your level to be 255/255 and if youre lucky enough you can find Detale(MVP) in there,MVP drops will be required for some items Q. Where to farm zeny. A. As i mentioned earlier, you can farm Zeny in @warp abyss_03 by typing @aloot item Treasure Box it is worth 150000(150K) zeny when you sell it to NPC,using Whitesmith/Blacksmith would help a lot in terms of selling. Q. Im tired of Farming Zenies is there any thing i can farm? A. In my Expirience in this Game/Community you should Farm for these : - Cursed Water Item ID# 12020 (Water_Of_Darkness) - Box of Storms Item ID# 12032 (Box_Of_Storm) not just because you can sell or trade it for imperial Gemstone but you will be needing it in near future trust me Q. How to play the game? A. There are numbers of Activities in the Server including Friendly GM Events and Automated Event discovering and exploring things that's why it is called Adventure, but the more important thing is to Enjoy the game and have some Friends most people here are nice, so getting a new friend wont be hard.. see for yourself! "Imperial Gemstone is the Key to success in this Server, in my case i Join Guild and participate in War of Emperium(WoE) basically the Guild master gives salary after WoE sometimes it include Imperial Gemstone" Just Keep on Playing don't be Lazy be Friendly.. i almost forgot keep online,every 1 hour ingame you will recieve an Activity token wich can be trade for some cool Stuffs "This Guide is my Opinion, so it might have some error's but technically people make mistakes" IGN: That Cool Guy