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  1. i'm not here for the prize, i just came to show my disguise (i was forced to participate)
  2. continuation please read ---> http://forums.imperial-ro.com/index.php?/topic/51-trinity-booster-costumes/
  3. liden gay fisipi pls haha thanks bro. nerds ftw!
  4. This is a continuation of my trinity set guide, if you haven't already read it please follow this link. Trinity Booster Costumes (TBC) - are upper hg costumes made to supplement the trinity set as the name implies. On their own they are less effective than +18 stats upper hg costumes such as Solar God Helm and Aztec Helm, but combined with a trinity set they provide an even better boost for your character. Each of the unique headgears possess stat increments that will fit your play-style and you can switch headgears allowing you to be versatile. Here are the final stats if you are wearing it with a complete set of the trinity gears. Creator rings - tank build +21 stats, +9 vit, +3% HP, +3 MDEF. Enables Mild Wind skill Merlin hat - magic build +21 stats, +9 int, +6% matk, +9% sp, +90 HIT. Enables Mild Wind skill Dragon Helm - physical damage build +21 stats, +9 str, +9 dex, +6% crit damage, +9% ATK. Enables Mild Wind skill Straw Hat - hybrid build +21 stats, +3% ATK, +3% MATK, +9% tolerance against medium mobs, +3% resist to all elements. Enables Mild Wind skill. This item is exclusive to donators (account bound)
  5. WHAT IS A TRINITY SET? These are currently the best combination of headgears you can acquire in game and there are 3 of them: Reverent, Transcendent, Zelous. Each set has 3 parts: upper hg, middle hg, and lower hg. WHICH ONE SHOULD I GET? It depends on your play-style, if you enjoy staying alive longer than others you should get the reverent set. If you love killing people with your bow or sword or spear then you should get the zealous set. Lastly if magic is your thing then you should get the transcendent set. HOW CAN WE GET THEM? You can claim the items in the mall (mall01 110 98) by winning in GvG, Emperium war or PVP/MVP ladder. You can also obtain them by donating IS IT WORTH TO GET THEM? WHAT ARE THE STATS? Before I post the stats, lets first review the stats for the other headgears in game: Police hat--> +12% demi human redux, +5% damage to demi human, +5 stats Great Emp--> +30 stats, +10% walking speed, +10 MDEF, +10% medium mob redux, +8% elemental redux Lightbringer's ring--> +10% SP, +17% demi human redux, +10% walking speed, +20 vit, +120% HP Now here are the stats for each of the trinity sets Reverent set--> +9 dex, +60 vit, +30 str, +15 mdef, +33% demi human redux, +16% walking speed, +135% HP, +3% neutral redux, +3% elemental redux, reflects 24% physical damage Zealous set--> +45 dex, +15 vit, +84 str, +30 hit, +10% crit damage, +12% walking speed, +36% atk, +30% damage to demi humans, +18% ranged atk Transcendant set--> +78 int, +30 vit, +27% matk, walk speed +24%, ignores 15% mdef **I highlighted the best stat boosts in each sets. These are the total stats when you wear all of the three parts combined. It may be hard to see at first but if you calculate the stats and weigh it all together you'll see that the trinity sets are slightly better in most aspects when all the parts are worn together WOULD IT STACK IF I WORE ZELOUS UPPER HG, REVERENT MID HG, & TRANSCENDENT LOWER HG? Yes you can mix and match however you like as long as it is part of the trinity set, it will stack WARNING: If you hate math i suggest u skip this part. I will now talk about how the items stack together. You don't have to know the calculation if you only want 1 set/build Stacking Guide: I'll use reverent set as our example. Upper - reverent circlet, Mid - reverent eye protector, Lower - reverent heart gum Here is the stats for R. Heart Gum (lower): Dex+3, Vit+20, Str+10, Mdef+5Increase tolerance to Demihumans by 5%Walking Speed +4%, HP+30% Additional effect every headgear equipped ————————–————————–——— Imperial Reverent Circlet, Imperial Transcendent Headpiece, Imperial Zelous Garuda, Imperial Reverent Eye Protector, Imperial Transcendent Eyewear, Imperial Zelous Quarter Mask ————————–————————–——— Reduced damage taken from Demi-Humans by 3% Reflect all Physical Damage by 8% I'm only posting the stats for the rev lower hg, you can find the stats for the other items in donate shop or item description in-game if you go to the mall. I'm posting the table so you can follow how the calculation works. The first 3 rows are the stats for the item when it's on its own. Next are the bonuses for each of the parts that you have. Finally you can add up all the numbers to get the total stats as shown in the last row. Individual stats dex vit str mdef demi redux walk speed HP neutral redux elemental redux reflect % r. circlet 3 20 10 5 5% 4% 10% 3% 0% 0% r. heart gum 3 20 10 5 5% 4% 30% 0% 0% 0% r. eye protector 3 20 10 5 5% 4% 20% 0% 3% 0% upper bonus r. heart gum 3% 8% r. eye protector 3% 25% mid bonus r. circlet 3% 2% 25% r. heart gum 3% 8% lower bonus r. circlet 3% 2% 25% r. eye protector 3% 8% TOTAL 9 60 30 15 33% 16% 135% 3% 3% 24% ______________________________________________________________________________ What happens if Rev Upper&Lower + Zelous Mid? This is what it would look like~ REVERENT/ZELOUS HYBRID dex vit str mdef demi redux walk speed HP neutral redux elemental redux reflect % r. circlet 3 20 10 5 5% 4% 10% 3% 0% 0% r. heart gum 3 20 10 5 5% 4% 30% 0% 0% 0% r. circlet 3% 2% 25% r. circlet 3% 2% 25% r. heart gum 3% 8% r. heart gum 3% 8% TOTAL 6 40 20 10 22% 12% 90% 3% 0% 16% dex vit str hit crit damage walking speed atk damage to demi ranged atk z. quarter mask 15 5 12 10 5% 4% z. quarter mask 8 6% 5% 3% z. quarter mask 8 6% 5% 3% TOTAL 15 5 28 10 5% 4% 12% 10% 6% The table in split in 2 parts so you need to add the 2 "TOTAL" to get the final stats If you can read the table good job but if it doesn't make sense or it looks confusing don't worry too much about it. I just posted it for the geeks like me FINAL NOTES: I donated for the rev set, it's my personal favorite among the three but i'm also trying to get the other sets in game. You can get each part for $40 but if you buy a set you can get it for $100 if you click here. If you can't afford it then you just have to work harder in-game to get them (mall01 110 98). But if you can't do that either that's fine these gears are only slightly better. I made this guide cause i don't think anyone else is using them other than me? Maybe because people don't know how good they are when all parts are worn together or maybe because people simply didn't know they even existed? Well anyway i hope more people use them or at least try to acquire them. If you found this guide helpful please spread the word. More competition = fun Peace y'all
  6. this sounds like a fun event