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  1. Hi guys I'm changing the date the event ends to End date: 5/23/17 (00:00:00 servertime)
  2. +1 ?
  3. Hiii pls post your ign
  4. try using IMD
  5. soul breaker build needs 2 imperial pious sword with atroces, zipper bear and other + attack cards or vr, ws card (thanatos card works) 2 kiels, 1 kades/vanberk/any other card of ur choice gr tgk or any combo on armor of ur choice 2 fbh (if i remember correctly) 2 ifrits (for +attack)/ errende(for pneuma) or any accessory card of ur choice
  6. Live in the Sunshine Screenshot event (Summer themed) Instructions: Provide a screenshot/photo/signature etc. of your character/RMS character that fits under the theme provided Provide your IGN at the end of your entry Have fun! Mechanics: You may submit only 1 entry. Provide a captivating caption relating to the screenshot entry. You can use photoshop, filters, or any other photo editor that will make your entry better. Everything will be judged on the screenshot. Using the command "@costume summer" is encouraged. The area/map should still be in ImperialRO. Using other people's work will automatically disqualify your entry. Criteria: Caption = 20 % Creativity = 20% Originality = 10% Screenshot = 40% Neatness, Organization, Presentation = 10% Prizes: Grand Winner: 200 Event Tokens and a Jester cap 1st Runner-up: 100 Event Tokens 2nd Runner-up: 50 Event Tokens Judges: GM Drake GM Alpha Start date: 5/9/17 (10:25:00 servertime) End date: 5/25/17 (00:00:00 servertime) Example: The sweet taste of summer Walking on sunshine Slip, slop, slap! It's cool in the pool Beachy keen Sun lovers Summer nights Dive into summer fun in the sun Sun kissed We all scream for ice-cream A slice of summer Lazy, hazy crazy days Warm whispers It's a scorcher! Sunshiney days Soaking up in the sun I've got that summertime feelin' You are my sunshine Swimming in the fast lane Easy livin' Baking in the heat Summer lovin' Hot lazy days Summer daze You can submit your entries now! Good luck to all the participants!