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  1. can we Remove the Entrace fee 60M? or instead make it atleast 100k
  2. Beginner's Guide Q,What are the basic items should i farm? So First things First, Basic items you need to Farm or Earn to Start the Adventure (note:this is my own opinion) 1.Ask GM's For support/Freebie (sorry GM haha) He/She will Give you full items Freebies 2.now you have those items Armor Shield Shoes Cloack Aura Headgear and CARDS!!!! The only problem is what will you do with this stuff OMGGGG!!!! *here are my sets* SNIPER Armor - 2 Gloom/Ghostring/Gloom Shield- 1 Thara Frog/Alice card (i preffer alice) Shoes -FBH/Ladytanee or 2 FBH for sniper Cloack- 2 Raydric Aura -Kiel or Maya Purple (2 Kiel no delay) Headgear- Kiel or Maya (2 Kiel no delay) Wizard Armor - Ghostring/Tao Gunka card Shield- 1 Thara Frog/Alice card (i preffer alice) Shoes -FBH/Ladytanee or 2 FBH for sniper Cloack- 2 Raydric Aura -Kiel or Maya Purple (2 Kiel no delay) Headgear- Kiel or Maya (2 Kiel no delay) And now you are Gearded for Farming *not PvP* now where should i go? *stop asking and keep Reading* hahaha Q,What map should i go to level up faster? *SNIPER* Novice/High - @warp pay_dun00 archer/High - @warp pay_dun04 Hunter/Sniper-@warp abyss_03 *use Focused Arrow Strike, Dont forget to (@aloot item Treasure Box) *WIZARD* Novice/High - @warp pay_dun00 Mage/High - @warp pay_dun04 Wizard/High -@warp abyss_03 *Tricks* novice put all in Agility untill you reach 196Atspd Dex 150 (total) Don't forget to (@aloot item Treasure Box) Q,What map should i go to see the quests? @warp lun_in01 50 50 here Feast your eyes in our state of the art Quest Room (evil laughs) now you will see that you need a lot of ZENY (Evil Laughs Intensify) *Dont Ask Keep on Reading* Q,Where to farm zeny? You already know this, dont you? @warp Abyss_03 (@aloot item Treasure Box) Q,What items should i farm? here are some usefull items to begin with 1. yggdrasil Seed-SeedRoom/@warp cmd_fild01 2. Cursed Water - @warp gefenia01-04 3. Treasure Box - @warp abyss_03 4. Poison Bottle- @warp lhz_dun03 you can sell/trade it to Gems/Items Q,How to play the game? Well we came this far and still not knowing how to play this game? But here are my tips 1. Always Ask for Some advice Ingame *we have a Good GM's out there happy to assist/help you (better than me)* 2. Try to talk to Everyone, make friend's 3. Ask some of your friend to Join you on Server *MUCH BETTER* the more the merrier --------------------------------------------------- here are some basic informations that you should know. Main Town: Rivendel / @go 0 Cool Items:Konoha / @go 1 Refine Safe :lvl 10 Do not forget to visit our Mall *@warp mall01* i am suggesting that you should make 2 Character Wizard and Sniper, because wizard is for Farming (obviously) and sniper for Hunting MVP's like Tao Gunka/ Turtle General ETC ETC... Better be Early on the Mvp maps, you're not alone Hunting MVP's Join War of Emperium, this is Fun and you can make friends with other players, and we have event too (Cool Event) you can buy cool stuff using Event token, Since you already read this i think you are ready for your GAME. Have a Good Day to you FaceBook: Kiel Cruz IGN: Ghost Rider